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Vehicle gps navigation tracking?

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:20 pm
by JensenBreck
Hello there.

Do any of the gps units designed for vehicle navigation have a track recording feature and function?

I recently purchased a couple of older used Maestros and one Roadmate and found there is no track recording function? Sort of surprised me. I guess I've been out of touch with vehicle navigation equipment.

Why did they leave this function out? Too expensive and/or didn't think people would need to track record while driving?

I need to track and record erosion of coast line areas while driving a vehicle.

I suppose I can track record with my Android phone as there's plenty of gps record and map apps with track record. ... Purchase a separate gps recorder or a hand held gps device designed for hiking. However I'm wondering why they left out this feature with at least the vehicle nav units I recently picked up.

Many of the gps units designed for vehicle nav. claim can be used outside of a vehicle while walking or hiking. But I'm wondering why no track recording? For me it's like a basic function for any gps device whether it's designed as a handheld or to be used with a vehicle.

Looking around at Magellan gps devices ones with a track record function are e.g. the Xplorist, Roadmate 300 - 800, possibly the TrX, etc.? Which are more designed for hiking than vehicle navigation. I guess the vehicle nav. developers thought people driving a vehicle don't need to record where they've gone?

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Re: Vehicle gps navigation tracking?

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:58 pm
by 4EST

All the navigation gps that we sell have this feature: track recording. It creates a recording that can be exported and viewed on google earth
I think it's a .gpx file, but not sure, anyway it's something that can be easily converted to any format

Or you could use a gps tracker (no screen) with an microSD card specifically designed so that it will record on the microsd card the movement